Year Number 2, A Rollercoaster Worth Riding

Dear Family, Friends, Team, Colleagues, and Everyone,

XPAN is celebrating its Second Anniversary — even typing that makes us so proud! What started as just an idea has evolved into a full, live, real, law practice in a new and evolving field. Sometimes, we have to pinch ourselves to make sure it has all happened.

This year has been full of ups and downs — both from a business perspective and in cybersecurity generally. Let’s talk business. Running a business is — well, there are many words that come to mind including hard, exhausting, a mental roller coaster; but also, exhilarating, exciting, challenging in ways that we never could have predicted. There is nothing like waking up and knowing that you are working for yourself. The motivation is incredible. And, when the rubber meets the road, you know that you get to decide how this will play out (although we think fate has a hand in it as well).

All of this is further emphasized by the fact that we are women business-owners.  Being a female founder feels amazing and frankly, can be a huge differentiator. Something we hope changes as more women take the leap to start their own companies and embrace the founder rollercoaster. A colleague recently said that she looks forward to a time when we refer to a female leader as just a leader. I would add that to the title of business owners as well.

While our first year can be described as more of an exercise in just surviving, our second year presented us with the challenge of how best to grow and sustain our law firm in a way that remained true to who we are and what we want to become. While not always easy, the process of really tapping into our values and figuring out how to run a business has given us an even stronger foundation heading into our third year.  

Now, the cyber and privacy world itself has not exactly been a quiet place in the past year. Frankly, some days we question whether us lowly humans can even keep up with changes that continue to take place. Whether it is new breaches, changes to the law, or changes to technology- this area of practice is never stagnant. In the past year, we have “enjoyed” the GDPR wave, seen California pick up the reigns and push the conversation in the US, and watched the US struggle with how its is going to address privacy. Not to mention, only a few (*insert sarcasm) breaches and privacy violations: Marriott, Baltimore (again), Philadelphia (our own home town), Facebook and Cambridge Analytica,(and just yesterday) Quest Diagnostics.

In the end, we are excited to see where this journey continues to take us. We have met incredible people, traveled to some fun places, and continue to expand both personally and professionally. The number of people who have embraced our business, embraced who were are, and embraced our vision for how to offer legal services is such an amazing feeling. Each of you keep us motivated to push on and keep our adventure alive. As we continue on this journey, we hope to inspire others to take the leap of faith in themselves. It is hard but worth it.

Thank you to everyone for such an amazing Year 2 and we can’t wait to see what Year 3 bring us!

Rebecca and Jordan, Co-Founders