XPAN and Fridie Law Group Announce Strategic Partnership in Cybersecurity and Employment Law

XPAN Law Group, LLC (“XPAN”) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Fridie Law Group LLC (“Fridie Law”) to provide comprehensive employment and cybersecurity legal services.  Fridie Law, a minority owned law firm, assists businesses with employment related matters with the goal to help employers create and use practices and policies that are efficient for the employer, are in compliance with the law, and mitigate any potential lawsuits.  XPAN, a Women-Owned Small Business, is a boutique law firm that focuses on cybersecurity and data privacy needs for companies across a variety of industries.

XPAN and Fridie Law are forming an alliance to combine their legal knowledge to provide clients with a full scale employment and cybersecurity policy assessments including a half-day of educational training for employees on both critical areas.  For a complete description of the joint services, please read the service proposal here.  Please contact a representative of either XPAN or Fridie Law today to schedule an informational call and learn how Fridie Law and XPAN can meet your needs.