Transitioning to a Remote Work Environment: Privacy and Security Concerns

With the current concerns regarding the spread and impact of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”), many companies are asking or requiring their employees to work remotely. If your organization is considering this option, it needs to consider data security and privacy implications. In order to assist you with potentially making this transition, our team developed some helpful information to consider to ensure that your company remains secure and private during this transition. For a complete copy of this information, please download the pdf here.

We also highlight the main concerns in this week’s Fireside chat:

To learn more about how to create a secure and private remote environment, please feel free to contact us. If we can help, we will. 

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Nothing contained in this blog should be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship or providing legal advice of any kind.  If you have a legal issue regarding cybersecurity, domestic or international data privacy, or electronic discovery, you should consult a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.