Geri E. Davis
September 3, 2019

XPAN Law Group is a team of deeply committed and knowledgeable attorneys who provide comprehensive services across security and privacy concerns. As a small business that focuses on technology-oriented services, we value the effective business solutions that XPAN helped us to create in order to maintain security and privacy across all our offerings. We appreciated the personalized approach of XPAN, and value the innovative way in which they provide legal services!

Tim McGuckin
May 16, 2019

Rebecca and Jordan at XPAN have been a great asset to our firm, and a true strategic partner. Rebecca provided our team with extensive information related to our security and privacy initiatives, highlighting areas of improvement and working with our team to understand the "why" and not just the "how." XPAN always provides detailed information in response to our questions, and is willing to work within our infrastructure to find the best solution. We have enjoyed working with XPAN and will continue to use their services in the future.

Jackie Torfin
May 16, 2019

My company engaged the services of XPAN Law and specifically Jordan Fischer, not long before the implementation of the EU GDPR regulation.  Jordan asked questions to ensure the risk profile of our business was understood, and then applied this knowledge when answering my questions. The knowledge that I gained as the Data Protection Officer was immensely helpful in the implementation of a well-rounded system to comply in a pragmatic and risk conscious way.  As implications of the law are still unfolding, the work continues in the refinement of our systems and processes. Jordan is a true partner as she proactively follows up to provide additional information and feedback.   Just like diamonds are a girl’s best friend, XPAN is a DPO’s best ally!

Nella Bloom
May 16, 2019

XPAN Law Group has deep knowledge in cybersecurity and privacy issues, providing me with detailed responses to my various questions. In conducting an assessment of my network infrastructure, XPAN walked me through all the various components of my security and privacy profile, helping me to decrease my risks and potential threats. At each step of the way, XPAN addressed my questions and were focused on making sure that I understood how to maintain a secure working environment.  As a small business, this one-on-one experience made me feel much more comfortable and in control.  I would highly recommend XPAN's services for any sized business!

Steve Beppel
May 16, 2019

XPAN has been a great asset to protecting and growing my accounting business. In the initial assessment of my current network infrastructure, XPAN provided a thorough review of my current business practices, highlighting effective and cost-efficient ways to minimize my risks and liabilities. The team focused not only on the technical and legal aspects but also on our day-to-day operations, providing our team with detailed information on how to continually use our systems in a secure manner. XPAN continues to provide us with detailed information on technological and legal changes, staying on-top of risks and threats to our business. They are a great asset to my business and a strong partner in helping us to grow to the next level!