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Michael Simon – Attorney

Michael Simon is an attorney with the XPAN Law Group.  Michael began his career as a trial attorney in Chicago, where he was an early innovator in using electronic evidence to win cases for his clients.  Michael stepped away from the active practice of law for a number of years to focus on developing legal technology solutions.  Some of these solutions included using Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) technology to recognize and remediate contract clauses that could violate GDPR requirements and to identify and categorize PII/Personal Data in legal documents for GDPR-mandated pseudonymization.  He has also been heavily involved in cross-border data transfer issues, having been Technology Counsel for a leading eDiscovery provider.

Michael has returned to the active practice of law in Boston, Massachusetts.  He combines his technology expertise with his legal experience to create innovative solutions for his clients’ data privacy, cyber-security, and cross-border data transfer issues.  Michael focuses his work on performing detailed assessments and audits, reviewing and advising on contracts, and drafting policies and procedures both for internal and external use.

As well, Michael leverages his many years working with technology vendors to provide clients with expert insight and assistance in vendor requirements, proposals, assessment, selection, and auditing.  Having worked extensively with both sides of the legal and technology worlds, Michael often serves as a facilitator and even at times as a translator between these disciplines.

Michael is a legal technology thought leader, having made over 100 presentations on data privacy, data transfer, eDiscovery, and other topics.  He has written dozens of articles on legal technology topics, including most recently as the lead author on the critically-acclaimed look at the future of lawyers in the face of the ever-expanding power of AI: Lola v. Skadden and the Automation of the Legal Profession, Simon, Lindsay, Sosa, Comparato, 20 Yale J.L. & Tech. 234 (2018).  He has been an adjunct professor at Michigan State University College of Law and at Boston University School of Law.

Michael is admitted in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the State of Illinois (currently on inactive) and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Recent Podcast:

SecureWorld, “Zoom, Remote Tools, Privacy, and Cybersecurity,” recorded on April 21, 2020, available here

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