Our Name

XPAN seems like an unusual name for a law firm, but it symbolizes our core values: family and dedication. XPAN has a familial significance to one of our founding members, Jordan L. Fischer, Esq. Jordan’s grandfather started his own company in 1969, designing the manufacturing equipment to create the honeycomb inserts for interior doors to provide doors with the appropriate weight. In a nod to the essence of his product, the expanding honeycomb inserts, he called it XPAN.

The “original” XPAN (“XPAN  v1.0”) embodied Jordan’s grandfather’s innovate and creative spirit, along with his commitment to his family. XPAN v1.0 demonstrated his family’s involvement and dedication to the company’s success: his children worked within the business, as well as extended family, spouses, and close family friends. Charlie created a sustainable company, with key partnerships within the community, that has had a lasting effect beyond just the “original” XPAN.

A photograph of XPAN v1.0’s founder and CEO, Charles B. Lawler

Our founders embarked on this journey with a goal of creating a new type of law firm, embracing creativity, collaboration, and dedication. When faced with the task of finding the appropriate name for our law firm, we were drawn to “XPAN” because of all that it embodied: the historical and family connection, the innovation that drove the original XPAN’s success, and the commitment to providing a valuable service.

XPAN is not about its founders, it is about creating a community, client, and family-driven focus. XPAN is about the future, it is about providing a complete solution to clients, but it is also about the past. Because we cannot hope to build a future without first understanding and recognizing those who came before us on whose shoulders we stand. Our name honors those principles and constantly reminds us that we wanted to create more than just a company, but a culture.