Our First Year in Review

Dear Family, Friends, Team, Colleagues, and Everyone,

XPAN is celebrating its First Anniversary — and what a wild adventure it has been. On June 5, 2017, we launched our boutique firm with a (somewhat) novel idea: to delve headlong and exclusively into the cybersecurity and data privacy arena. The world was still reeling from the damage caused by the WannaCry ransomware attack. Little did we know that less than 3 months later, Equifax would notify the world that more than half of the US population’s personal information, including social security numbers, was exposed in a data breach. XPAN was born in the midst of these major cyber events; and, it seemed that the term cybersecurity was everywhere (or maybe that is just because it was in everything we did and continue to do).

Fast Forward to this Spring, when the impending enforcement of the GDPR seemed to make its way into the discussions of companies across the globe. And then privacy was thrust onto the world stage by a whistleblower’s revelation that Cambridge Analytica used personal data taken without authorisation to target those users with personalised political advertisements. The ensuing debate, that is still ongoing, shed light on the loose privacy considerations employed by many companies, and the growing need for users to gain control over their own data.

To say the least, starting a data privacy and cybersecurity law firm against the backdrop of this past year has been both an exciting and exhausting endeavor. Our “world” changes almost daily and the laser focus we have placed on cybersecurity and data privacy has given us a unique perspective on just how important it was for us to have this boutique practice. And, while we love to discuss these topics (and welcome any opportunity to do so), this post is about that journey. In the past twelve months, we have met incredible people, developed a community and network of business associates, strategic partners and true friends that have supported, and continue to support, us on this journey as we grow and evolve XPAN.

Neither of us had every owned our own business, but we were fortunate to come from families of entrepreneurs. Their vision, and those of the friends and colleagues that have surrounded us this first year, has proven both inspirational and aspirational. We have drawn from the experience that surrounds us, learning from the mistakes of others (and making some ourselves), but constantly striving to create more than just a law firm but a true business with a culture of hard work, dedication, excellence, and family.

From a seed of an idea, to a law firm with 5 employees in just one year, we are exceedingly proud of what we have accomplished. But, we are just getting started. Our journey is just beginning. And in the spirit of paying it forward, we hope that we can inspire others to start their own journey as we were inspired and encouraged to start XPAN. We have made our dream a reality. Not that we don’t struggle, not that we don’t worry, not that we don’t work harder than we ever did before. So on this, our first anniversary, we say to all those who have helped us on the way, Thank You.