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Information Governance

Global Data Management

XPAN Law Group provides Information Governance legal services in the realm of regulatory, legal, risk, and operational requirements. We combine our knowledge in discovery, global privacy and cybersecurity to provide advice and recommendations in data management best practices.  

XPAN’s multidisciplinary knowledge assists our clients by creating a holistic approach to data management by understanding our client's systems and how their employees and personnel use those systems.  

XPAN uses familiarity with Information Governance to work with our clients to develop defensible technology system structures, policies, procedures, processes, and controls.  We guide our clients in the implementation of strategic policies and procedures to better manage information from a granular to organizational level.

XPAN’s insight into translating law to tech allows us to act as intermediaries and provide our clients with organizational support at every stage and level of corporate life. Understanding your systems and how they converge with regulatory and privacy issues, cybersecurity and legal risk allows XPAN to provide vital information to our clients.  Being forewarned allows our clients to be forearmed against problems when technology collides with the law.