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Guiding you through the discovery process

XPAN Law Group works with clients to provide guidance through the litigation lifecycle to create cost-effective eDiscovery methodologies because ALL discovery is electronic discovery.  XPAN allows the litigation team to focus on its goal - developing the theory of the litigation.  We are guided by a simple, yet effective principle: preparation and planning will create a cohesive and comprehensive discovery process.

Through strategic partnerships, XPAN prepares your litigation counsel by acting as the in-house discovery team and electronic discovery consultants.  XPAN levels the playing field in a cost-conscious manner through the convergence of strategy and technology.  We provide personal service with attorneys dedicated to assisting legal counsel with the tools they need for depositions and trial; our discovery professionals become your discovery team.   Our discovery methods simplify and deliver the data your legal team needs because the “devil is in the data.”

 eDiscovery Services

  • Draft and Implement Early Case Assessment
  • Draft and Implement Comprehensive Discovery Plan and Protocols
  • Implement data preservation measures
  • Identify and appropriately request relevant information from adversaries
  • Identify relevant data sources from the client
  • Coordinate a concentrated and scaled document collection
  • Implement and manage cost-effective data review and processing to generate production sets, privilege sets and privilege logs to the litigation team 
  • Expert services in data preservation, collection and production