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Data Privacy

Global Data Awareness 

XPAN Law Group offers clients guidance in domestic and international privacy regulations, including the forthcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").  XPAN attorneys assist our clients in meeting the evolving, and occasionally conflicting, expectations of regulatory and enforcement agencies.  XPAN navigates this changing network of legislation, standards, case law, and regulations to free the client up to run their business in a compliant manner.    

XPAN works with internal teams to help the client balance the need to create and maintain a robust privacy compliance program while also creating a system that allows a business to operate efficiently.  XPAN creates a balanced approach to data privacy compliance, taking into account the regulatory environment, the needs of the client, and the technology or system approaches to mitigate any risks of noncompliance. 

Privacy Compliance Services

  • Perform Privacy Compliance Reviews
  • Develop Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Privacy Compliance Risk Assessments
  • Privacy Due Diligence Audits, including in Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • Draft and Implement Data Privacy and Terms of Use Policies
  • Data Mapping & Gap Compliance Analysis
  • Developing records of collecting, processing, and storing activities 
  • Provide cross-border data transfer consulting
  • Develop mechanisms for data tracking, data subject consent/withdrawal of consent tracking, legal justification tracking, data subject requests for deletion/amendment/porting of data
  • Third Party Vendor Review and Compliance Assessments 
  • Counsel client in governmental agency or supervisory authority privacy compliance investigations
  • Act as Data Protection Officer
  • Provide Internal Employee Privacy Training
  • Advise on issues of International and Domestic Privacy 
  • Advise early stage and start-up businesses in privacy strategy and implementation