Massachusetts & the Written Information Security Policy (WISP) Requirements: Updating Your WISP to Reflect the New “Normal” of Work

By Michael Simon Are your employees coming back to the office?  Then it’s time to update your written information security policy (WISP).  Since 2010, Massachusetts Mass. Gen. L. 93H has required organizations that collect “Personal Information” to implement a comprehensive written information security policy (WISP).  Massachusetts amended chapter 93H effective April 11, 2019 to reaffirm […]

How to Use Zoom with Security & Privacy In Mind

Last week, By Michael Simon, Attorney at XPAN Law Group, wrote about key legal concerns with using virtual meeting software (full post available here). This week, with a lot of organization’s relying on Zoom as their virtual meeting platform, Michael put together this infographic to help you to understand the security and privacy risks with the […]

Don’t let your virtual meetings expose you to privacy and security risks

By Michael Simon Attorney at XPAN Law Group With the current pandemic, virtual meeting systems are now highly-popular, and seen as easy-to-use substitutes for in-person meetings. However, with the easy usability comes corresponding features that present some security and privacy concerns: first, the difficulty of keeping meetings confidential; and second,  of recording meetings. As a result, I […]

Security and Privacy During A Global Pandemic

Clearly, we are living in a different world. And for once, I am not talking just about cybersecurity or data privacy (well not at this point anyway). We are living in a time where in-person businesses are basically shut down and we are all working remotely. I say “we”, but really here at XPAN, this […]

Transitioning to a Remote Work Environment: Privacy and Security Concerns

With the current concerns regarding the spread and impact of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”), many companies are asking or requiring their employees to work remotely. If your organization is considering this option, it needs to consider data security and privacy implications. In order to assist you with potentially making this transition, our team developed some helpful information […]