Cannabis Industry

Progressive, Knowledgeable, Responsive

Cybersecurity and data privacy laws present unique challenges to the business of legalized cannabis and are unlike those confronting other industries. The legalized cannabis and hemp industries maintain personalized data and information requiring informed and practical regulatory analysis for compliance with both domestic and international cybersecurity and data privacy laws. XPAN’s team of attorneys is able to use its experience in the regulatory arena to assist cannabis clients in addressing compliance while protecting data and preserving the ability to strategically use that data in this rapidly growing industry. Whether the business involves state-licensed adult-use marijuana, medical marijuana and hemp cultivators, processors, distributors and dispensaries, or investors, XPAN works with its cannabis clients to use, store and protect data.

XPAN also uniquely understands the particular and individual needs of the cannabis industry supply chain. Data collection practices that are mandated by different state laws can create confusion and inefficiency in that supply chain. XPAN skillfully assists clients to enhance business and data privacy/security practices across the supply chain to avoid slowing down the progress of the business. Creating comprehensive vendor programs that include effective contractual provisions coupled with strong auditing requirements allows XPAN’s cannabis industry clients to confidently rely on trusted vendor-partners.

XPAN is committed to understanding the needs of its cannabis clients to create accurate budgets around legal costs. This includes using knowledgeable and efficient legal teams to effectively provide the solutions they need. Using our cost intelligence model, we combine legal excellence with value based pricing so that our clients can be confident that they are receiving high-quality legal advice while maximizing their profits.