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This is Not the End of Privacy

By Michael Simon, Attorney at XPAN Law Group. We’ve all likely seen the same headlines in the past few months: “Coronavirus tracking technology raises privacy concerns: ‘It’s a little scary’” “How Coronavirus Is Eroding Privacy” “As Coronavirus Surveillance Escalates, Personal Privacy Plummets” “Coronavirus Could Infect Privacy And Civil Liberties Forever” “Should We Sacrifice Our Data […]

Collision Course — Bankruptcy and Privacy are poised to meet

As we continue to see the economic impact of COVID-19, it is not difficult to imagine that we will see an increase in bankruptcy filings. The phrase “Data is the New Oil” is not uncommon and in fact highlights that data in a digital economy can be one of the most valuable assets a business […]

Data Security and Privacy Enforcement Continues During Covid-19

By Antonia Dumas, Associate at XPAN Law Group  As we enter the second month of the predominantly virtual world during the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have taken initial steps to obtain resources and implement minimum security for their remote workforces. While some companies have addressed security and privacy compliance during this transition, many other business […]

How to Use Zoom with Security & Privacy In Mind

Last week, By Michael Simon, Attorney at XPAN Law Group, wrote about key legal concerns with using virtual meeting software (full post available here). This week, with a lot of organization’s relying on Zoom as their virtual meeting platform, Michael put together this infographic to help you to understand the security and privacy risks with the […]

Don’t let your virtual meetings expose you to privacy and security risks

By Michael Simon Attorney at XPAN Law Group With the current pandemic, virtual meeting systems are now highly-popular, and seen as easy-to-use substitutes for in-person meetings. However, with the easy usability comes corresponding features that present some security and privacy concerns: first, the difficulty of keeping meetings confidential; and second,  of recording meetings. As a result, I […]

Security and Privacy During A Global Pandemic

Clearly, we are living in a different world. And for once, I am not talking just about cybersecurity or data privacy (well not at this point anyway). We are living in a time where in-person businesses are basically shut down and we are all working remotely. I say “we”, but really here at XPAN, this […]

Data Security Requirements To Be Increased In US Capital

By Antonia Dumas, Esq., Associate at XPAN Law Group, LLC  The Attorney General in District Columbia originally introduced a new data security bill last year (March 21, 2019). The Bill progressed to the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety but, the buzz around that D.C. bill died down amidst the amendments to the California Consumer […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to the California Consumer Privacy Act

California made headlines this year with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.100, et seq.) which officially went into effect on January 1, 2020. Many companies across the United States have been driving towards CCPA compliance, assessing data practices and network infrastructures to determine how and to what extent the […]

Get ready for the coming new wave of ADA Title III lawsuits – thanks to the new update of the CCPA regulations

By Michael Simon, Attorney with XPAN Law Group. Introduction: Here comes the flood? The word started going out from law firms in the last few weeks: there was likely going to be a new wave of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III (on public accomodations) coming as a result of the most recent update […]

Bipartisanship Exists: Red or Blue, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity is Something Everyone Can Agree On

With California and New York among states leading the charge for data privacy and cybersecurity regulation and enforcement, the federal government is also showing great interest and bipartisan support toward finally progressing federal cybersecurity regulations. These proposed measures are attempting to increase federal support for efforts by states in the arena of cybersecurity. Many in […]