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When Will We Learn????

So I am taking a short break from the “Luck Favors the Prepared” series on cybersecurity to talk about the recently publicized cyber attack against DLA Piper and the “Petya” ransomware global cyber attack against banks, power companies and Maersk.  

Nation-State Cyber Attacks Are a Good Reminder of Cybersecurity For All

Ok, so the first question is what is a nation-state cyber attack?  It is exactly what it sounds like:  a foreign government (or government-directed) organization targets another country’s government or commercial institutions or infrastructure.  

Introduction to the GDPR Series

Welcome to the “Are You Ready? The GDPR and What You Need to Know” Series.  Over the next 11 months, we will explore the various articles of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), adopted by the European Union (“EU”) in May 2016 and set to take effect in May 2018.

Biggest Concerns Facing Business In 2017 Is Cybersecurity

What was the biggest take away message for businesses from 2016?  Cybersecurity.  In a year where a billion Yahoo accounts were compromised and Russian state-sponsored hackers  allegedly infected the U.S. election, cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind, or it should be.  The truth is we face an unprecedented number of attacks on a variety of industries every day.  And while no one can predict with any certainty what lies ahead, the evidence is clear –  cybersecurity is a concern that is here to stay. 

eDiscovery as a Sword

We have all seen the cartoon where one character removes the “Beware, Quicksand” sign and another character literally steps in it.  Que the panicked looks, the ominous music and the vain efforts to struggle to get free.  And at the end, the quicksand-trapped character usually provides the audience one last longing look before getting pulled below the surface.