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XPAN Law Group understands that knowledge is power.  In order to provide a resource to our clients and partners, XPAN Law Group regularly writes articles on relevant topics.  We invite you to follow our three main Blog Series to stay informed!


Are You Ready? The GDPR and What You Need to Know

With the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation set to take effect in May 2018, completely altering the way data is collected, used, stored, retained and transferred, a comprehensive understanding is a must.  This blog will explore the nuances of the GDPR, especially those provisions affecting companies located outside of the European Union, and how to be prepared for when this regulation goes into effect so that you are ready.  


Luck Favors the Prepared:  Cybersecurity Updates

This blog explores the five biggest anticipated cybersecurity weaknesses for public and private entities: (1) Nation-State Cyber Attacks; (2) Ransomware; (3) Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks; (4) The Internet of Things (IoT); and (5) Social Engineering and Human Error.  Assessing these weaknesses from a legal, technological, and business perspective, this blog will provide readers with in-depth coverage of cybersecurity and how to be prepared for a breach.  Why?  Because luck favors the prepared


The devil's in the data:  ediscovery series

This blog series will explore electronic discovery (really just discovery now) and how to proactively use discovery to your advantage in litigation.  Being reactionary in this modern age of discovery can have far-reaching consequences to your case; having targeted electronic discovery plan, knowing what you need, and knowing where it is located can minimize costs and increase efficiencies.  Failing to address discovery early-on leaves you at the behest of your adversary:  understanding the data you need and how to obtain it allows you to try your case and drive the conversation.  Understanding the nuances of electronic discovery can give you the unfair advantage in litigation because, the devil’s in the data