About Us

An Alternative Legal Services Provider

XPAN Law Group is boutique certified Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) by the
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and a Women Owned Small
Business (WOSB) focusing its practice exclusively on international and domestic cybersecurity
and data privacy. Cybersecurity and data privacy involve a spiderweb of state, federal and
international regulations that are layered on top of complex technological solutions. XPAN acts
as the universal translator between our client’s technological needs and legal obligations. We
work with organizations on security, data, and privacy so that cybersecurity works organically
and efficiently with (and for) the business.

Our Competitive Advantage

XPAN Law Group bridges the gap between the law and technology. We create a proactive,
streamlined and global approach to cybersecurity and data privacy. We assist our clients to
create a stable and secure environment by combining cybersecurity and data management best
practices with a hands-on team approach. We do not just work for our clients, we work with our
clients to create the best solutions for their business. Cybersecurity is constantly evolving and changing; and, we know that being responsive, thoughtful and creative can alleviate some of the cybersecurity concerns facing companies today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our clients are prepared to meet the challenges of the modern
world in a way that organically fits within their organization, because the advantages that occur when technology intersects with legal thinking should be an opportunity available to all
businesses. XPAN Law Group is committed to providing quality legal solutions with a personal
touch. Technology can seem like a cold and unforgiving partner in business. XPAN helps our
clients meet the challenges of a tech-driven world by working with our clients to create an
individualized and more personal solution. In the current climate of black-box tech-only
where“quick-fixes” that turn out to be neither “quick" nor a “fix”, we use technology paired with practiced legal know-how and strategy to enhance, not replace, strategic legal thinking. We strategically partner with other cyber stakeholders to provide our clients with a robust “in-house” legal and technology team at an affordable rate.